1. Accountant

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  2. Training coordinator

    Experienced God in daily life and working with those people who want to be involve into missions.

    Coaching and mentoring in missions.

    Equip them with biblical principles and lead them to use their full potential which God has given to them.

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  3. Office Administrator with a basic understanding of Finance-Jamaica

    Administrative: Assist Island Coordinator in keeping the OM Jamaica office organized.

    Finance: Monitor and manage all income and expenses for OM Jamaica.

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  4. Communication facilitator

    Like to mutual communication. Become a bridge between differents fields in OM International and OM Mexico. Provide regular field news internal and external OM. Build public relationship with national organization of Mexico.

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  5. R46355

    Personnel Manager (Domestic)

    Administration meets people care with a twist.

    You'll be facilitating the placement, onboarding, and care of OM personnel working in Canada.

    Are you up for the challenge?

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  6. Physiotherapist

    In the city of Durres the team works in a state-run centre for kids and teens with special needs as well as having contacts with others still living at home. Many of these kids and teen could benefit from physiotherapy.

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  7. Field Financial Development Facilitator

    OM Brazil is committed to sending out well-prepared believers to make disciples for Jesus. As we seek to mobilise more and more churches for missions, we need to raise more funds for building new relationships, developing our facilities, training more missionaries and supporting local ministries. We aim to grow our capacity and be self-sustainable. We are looking for someone to lead this activity as our Financial Development Facilitator..

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  8. Web Designer

    Are you ready to use your technical skills to further the Kingdom of God? OM Brazil is reaching out to the millions of believers in the country to mobilise churches for missions, and to encourage new supporters to give generously. Communication via the web and social media is a vital part of this vision. We need someone to join our communications team, and work in partnership with our other departments and ministries to inform others about OM Brazil’s mission.

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  9. Director of Training (CTM)

    OM Brazil is committed to providing excellent training programs to equip and prepare hundreds of believers to go and make disciples where Jesus is not known. Our training department (CTM) needs a new director to lead the current training activities, to develop new missions training programs, and expand the language school scope.

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  10. Director of Mobilisation and associated ministries

    Short Description: The evangelical church in Brazil is the biggest in Latin America with around 40-50 million protestant believers. OM Brazil is committed to mobilising hundreds of these believers to take the message of the gospel to where there is no church. Mobilisation is about building relationships with churches and pastors, and also about strategies and tools that enable us to educate, motivate and send.  It includes also  supervision of Short Term Mission departament and local ministrie

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