Stories from South Africa


Designed by God to transform from the inside

What started as a one-month commitment in 1979, quickly turned into something more for Rose.

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A business with purpose

God uses the desperate plea of a business owner on the brink of bankruptcy to facilitate His kingdom work across Africa.

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Empowered to grow a school garden

Through the story of creation in Genesis, she explained how humankind is given stewardship of God’s creation, to respect it, and take care of it as a personal responsibility.

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How to leave the mission field

There’s no pretending that transition is easy. “Some of us really struggle for up to six months and that can be very draining for everyone involved.”

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Grantley-Prayer meeting coordinator

From the living room straight onto the mission field

By the time May 2020 rolled around, the team came up with a plan for something they have never done before – online prayer meetings.

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The family had an agonising experience in 2019 when their house burnt down with all their belongings in it.

The church of Acts re-builds a house

The family had an agonising experience in 2019 when their house burnt down with all their belongings in it. 

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Logos Hope Ministry

2020: A year of dusting, trusting, and adjusting

“I had to learn that my gifts and abilities can be used to minister to the individuals in my own community,” explained Mariette, “that I have a purpose beyond sharing the Gospel with people from different countries.

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Mobilising children for missions

“Before MDT I had all my ideas of ‘this is what my missions life is going to look like,’” laughed Lina. Soon she realised that what she had envisioned was not in God’s immediate plan for her.

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Passion for the ‘now generation’

Marleen and her team are training children's workers to reach children with the gospel through Holiday Reading Clubs, games, prayer and discipleship.

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Blessed to be a blessing

The "new normal" of life during a pandemic had the OM team adjusting to find innovative ways to do ministry.

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Hungry for hope

Something new is happening in the middle of the crisis and the suffering caused by a coronavirus. In South Africa, people are feeling the weight of uncertainly, fear, financial desperation, and hunger as coronavirus is surging in the country.

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Speaking up

“…There was just something about speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves,” said Annelize.

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A long time in the making

From the age of five, Jane knew she wanted to serve the Lord overseas. What she didn't know was when exactly she would go.

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'Doing things differently'

“I have found that, working with the different fields, I can help the young people grow in their roles and support the Field strategically – aspects of my career that I loved to do, and now continue to do so,” said Van Zyl.

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Using your profession for a greater cause

When Juan felt compelled to leave his studies and do church planting, God made it clear to him to finish because God was going to use Juan's skills for His purposes.

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‘I can do this!’

God believed in Esther when nobody else did, turning her life around and calling her to serve Him in missions.

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Combining personal passion with ministry

Ride2Transform allows teams on two wheels to pedal far and wide, praying and sharing the love of Christ in least reached areas in Europe and Africa.

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From Argentina to Africa

Belen, 20, discovers she doesn't need to wait to serve God in missions when He sends her to Africa for six weeks.

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Perfect plan over personal preference

Brussels was not Grantley’s ideal place. But as God opened his eyes, Grantley realised that God’s perfect will was far more important than first impressions.

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