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written by Hannah Rueber

“I joke that I called in for a cup of tea, and two years later I’m still here,” shared Jarlath, OM in Ireland’s I.T. manager.

Jarlath first heard about OM years ago when he saw an OM poster that said: ‘Go into all the world’ on the wall of a church in his city. Years later, Jarlath decided to retrain in I.T. and needed some work experience for his classes. The OM in Ireland office provided the training he needed, and an avenue to serve God’s Kingdom.

“After I finished my classes, I said I’d come in for a few days a week to help, even though I felt very inadequate,” Jarlath remembered.

Missionaries are usually defined as ‘people sent on a religious mission…in a foreign country.’ There’s a preconception that missionaries are street preachers who have moved to a different country to share the gospel. However, there are many missionaries with behind-the-scenes roles that play equally important parts in a ministry – and they often stay in their home country.

Much like Jarlath, Thiago was introduced to OM in the past and came back to serve at OM in Ireland years later. “I began working with OM as a work experience student during my QQI Level 4 course in VTOS Roscommon. I started with general work, helping with anything I could.”

Even after the semester ended, Thiago agreed to continue volunteering in the office for one day per week. “They asked me to continue on. Now, I’m currently the petty cash operator on a voluntary basis every Thursday,” Thiago said.

People like Jarlath and Thiago with practical skills are invaluable to OM offices. Jarlath urged: “We have missionaries who are born evangelists, but we also need the practical skills. When there are people with practical skills — construction, secretarial, etc. — who are willing to do that work, it benefits the overall ministry since you don’t have to hire a third party to do that work for you.”

There are lots of different aspects of ministry besides preaching. Jarlath knows that: “You can be involved because you clearly have skills that the Lord wants to use. He wants you to use those skills to extend His Kingdom. Just ask! There might be some office where you might be just the person they need.”

Do you have practical skills, but didn’t think you could be used in missions? Have you considered that your skills might be needed somewhere? God can use you right where you are. Get in touch with us to hear about how you can start using your skills for the Kingdom!

Local volunteers Jarlath* and Thiago* have found ways to use their practical skills for God's kingdom at the OM Ireland office.

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