hard cover book 'Action Bible'

As hundreds of comic Bible storybooks are distributed among Ukrainian refugees across Europe, there was particular rejoicing in one family home one night when the children received a copy.

Last year, MediaWorks helped distribute hundreds of Ukrainian Action Bibles in Ukraine and among refugees across Europe.

Through the OM team in the UK, the books also reached refugees in the UK. Some of the Bibles were distributed through a hub run by a couple of churches working together. One family, who received an Action Bible, was particularly overjoyed. They shared:

"There is utter joy in my house tonight. The boys had these Bibles in Ukraine and of course lost them when they had to flee, and their house was burnt to the ground. One had read his many times—till the spine was destroyed. Thank you SO much."

Praise God for the hundreds of books that reached Ukrainian refugees across Europe. Pray for the people who received them, that it would be an encouragement for them to hold on to Jesus, the source of true peace and hope. Pray for peace in Ukraine.

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