Gurbet dictionary

Goran shares how God is using a Gurbet dictionary in unexpected ways to bless foster families of Roma children.

In 2017 MediaWorks partnered with Goran, a Roma Christian and Bible translator, to produce a Gurbet-Serbian-English dictionary. The aim of the project was to encourage literacy among Roma Gurbet speakers and to help those who want to serve among this people group, and, in this way, to lay the foundation for greater Bible engagement.  

Before the start of the project, Goran shared, “I want to see Roma reading more in their language! Maybe this generation is not reading so much but I hope the next generation will.”

Recently some copies of the dictionary were given to the director of foster care in the region who assigns orphaned children to adoptive families. He distributed the copies among Serbian families with Roma children. The families gained more confidence in raising their adopted Roma children after learning a few words in their heart dialect. The director, encouraged by the feedback from the families, requested more copies of the dictionary. Goran shared, "I see that the Lord is beginning to work in a strange way in the secular world and that He is using all of us."  

Praise God for answered prayers — like Goran's desire for greater literacy in the younger generation. Thank God that He is accomplishing His goals in His ways that are so much higher than our own. Pray that the Roma will find Jesus through God's Word in their languages.

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