Luke Gospel in Roma languages

"The Gospel of Luke has been translated into four Roma languages! We’re excited to see it in the hands of Roma people. "

Our partners have been working on the translation for years and it is now complete along with 50 Bible Stories.  One of our graphic designers helped design the covers and we’re excited to see it in the hands of Roma people.  

Praise God for Scripture in four Roma languages! Pray that the Bible translation team makes good progress to translate more of the Bible for these people groups. Pray for the distribution of these publications that they will be read and people will experience God’s love through them.  




Luke’s Gospel and 50 Bible stories are available in print, as an eBook and in audio format in four Roma languages: Bayash, Vlach Čergarski , Vlach Gurbet and Vlach Western Arli. 

“One of the young men took Luke’s Gospel in his language,” shared Todd, an OM EAST partner. “I noticed that immediately he started reading it, engrossed in what he was reading. Later I asked him if he understood it, and he said he understood it all. Hallelujah. That is why we do what we do, so that people may read and hear God’s Word, so they can obey and honour His name.” 


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