MediaWorks Roma children's Bible in progress

We are excited to share about the production of the first children’s Bibles in five more Roma languages.

We are currently working on five new translations of My First Bible in the Roma languages: Servi, Lovari, Crimean, Vlakh and Carpathian. Each edition is at various stages of editing and layout. Every translation comes with Ukrainian diglot as these communities live in Ukraine, and the design of each book fits the colourful artistic Roma style. Our local partners are excited to have this biblical resource in the local language for the first time. One partner shared, “Our Roma contacts are waiting for the books to come. They are excited to make use of this resource.” 

Pray with us for the provision of the funds still needed for printing. MediaWorks is excited to see how God will work in many Roma communities that will soon have the opportunity to engage with biblical stories in their own language for the first time. 

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