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Translator Goran tells of how the Gospel of Luke is changing individuals' lives among the Gurbet and Arli Roma.

We love to hear back from Roma Bible translators that we partner with in the Balkans. Together we produced Gospel of Luke in several Roma dialects, like Gurbet and Arli.

Goran, one of the translators, shared an encouraging story about a man who spoke Gurbet and was very touched by the story of the prodigal son.

"In that story, he recognised himself and asked for additional explanations about Jesus", shared Goran. "A big change became visible in the man. He gave his life to Jesus, and he quickly went home to tell his wife."

After receiving Gospel of Luke in the Arli dialect, his wife also gave her life to Jesus. Now the couple lives in Sweden and wants to continue living their life according to the Bible.  

Praise God that the Roma people are finding Jesus through God's Word. Pray for the Roma who start to follow Jesus, for endurance, transformation and courage to share their faith in their communities.

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