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Our ship Logos Hope is currently visiting
Las Palmas, Spain

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Afloat again!

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: With work on the hull completed, Logos Hope goes back into the water while maintenance work on board continues.

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Annual maintenance begins

Following the port visit, with the ship open to the public in Las Palmas, Logos Hope has now begun the period of annual maintenance, which includes dry dock. Preparations have been in progress for many months to establish the work list of jobs, procure and send needed parts to the vessel and sign a contract with the Astican Dry Dock company.

Unlike many shipyards, where the vessel goes into the dry dock and then the water is pumped out, this shipyard has a synchro lift system, which lifts the vessel out of the water onto precisely positioned blocks, before being pulled onto the dry dock platform.

Over the coming weeks, the hull will be cleaned and repainted by the yard workers, while our technical teams on board complete many other jobs which cannot take place while the vessel is in operation. Inspections will then take place before certificates can be re-issued for another year of operation.

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The ships

Since 1970, we have operated four different ships...

  • Logos Hope

    Logos Hope was officially launched in February 2009.

  • Doulos

    Doulos was purchased in 1977 and sailed for OM Ships until early 2010.

  • Logos II

    Logos II was purchased in 1988 and completed her service in July 2008.

  • The first Logos

    OM's pioneering first ship, Logos, was purchased in 1970 and sailed for 17 years.

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