Don’t let them be forgotten

Belém, Brazil :: Logos Hope volunteers visit a prison for minors and reach the inmates with the message of God's love for them.

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Opening up a world of opportunity

Belém, Brazil :: Crewmembers share their faith while giving children an English language class.

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Insight into poverty

Belém, Brazil :: Crewmembers participate in a poverty simulation in order to understand the reality many people face each day.

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An everlasting impact

Salvador, Brazil :: Local volunteers praise God for all He has done and all they received on board Logos Hope during her stay in Salvador.

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Thanksgiving for a Latin American harvest

Vitória, Brazil :: A review of Logos Hope's two years of ministry and mobilisation in Latin America.

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Engineering change for women

Ships :: OM Ships' pioneering female First Engineer shares her journey of serving God with her skills.

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Dental help allows crew to share hope

Vitória, Brazil :: Crew participate in a dental outreach to 200 children from an underprivileged neighbourhood.

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Compelling drama that changes lives

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :: Lives are being transformed as God works through a play performed on board Logos Hope.

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Serving to show you're different

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :: Crewmembers who work in accommodation and catering services teach their skills to local teenagers.

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Judo and Jesus

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :: Crew share their faith with children from slum areas who are learning discipline through a judo club.

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Safe haven, sweet sound

Santos, Brazil :: Logos Hope's volunteers help a church build a music room for disadvantaged young people.

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Clinging to Christ through cancer

Santos, Brazil :: Crew visit a cancer support centre to encourage patients and share how God has been at work in their lives.

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Crew view: Ready to return with a message

Ships :: A volunteer from Eastern Europe shares the story of her time serving on Logos Hope.

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By faith; not by sight

Santos, Brazil :: Crewmembers experience what it's like to be blind for an hour and encourage those who've lost their sight to trust in God.

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Fever pitch

Santos, Brazil :: The Mayor of Santos and star footballers open Logos Hope to the public.

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Food for today, hope for tomorrow

Mar del Plata, Argentina :: Crew work alongside a pastor who has plans to improve children's futures.

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Who will go where no one goes?

Mar del Plata, Argentina :: A church congregation learns about nations without access to the gospel.

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Breaking the mould

Mar del Plata, Argentina :: Crewmembers visit a Christian rehabilitation centre and remind women of their value in God's eyes.

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Seizing every opportunity

Buenos Aires, Argentina :: Maintenance crew share Christ's love with local welders helping repair Logos Hope.

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None shall be forgotten

Buenos Aires, Argentina :: Logos Hope's crew joins Youth With A Mission to show God's love to elderly people.

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