Aaron and Loraine Krueger

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Aaron & Loraine Krueger - Deck Officer & Crew Administrator (OM Ships)

About Aaron & Loraine Krueger:

Aaron is a deck officer and Loraine is the crew administrator for OM Ships. We met when Aaron went to Logos Hope for 6 months as an officer and Loraine did all the administration to get him there. Loraine then visited Logos Hope and we became very good friends. Both being a little older and desiring a life partner, God brought us together in an amazing way.

We continue serving with the Ship's Ministry, Loraine full-time and Aaron as a deck officer as and when OM Ships has a need and it is possible to go.

Our desire is to serve on board either Logos Hope or Doulos Hope together, for regular shorter periods of time as and when the need arises.

Contact Aaron & Loraine Krueger:

WhatsApp: +1 778 552 0824
Email: lorainepb@gbaships.org


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