Sowing the Gospel seeds among the least reached in South Asia

Sowing the seed of the Gospel is an invaluable ministry that continues to make Christ known amoung the least reach regions of South Asia. As OM desires to help people grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, our plan is to distibute evangelistic and discipleship resources in least-reached areas where little is known about Jesus Christ.

Homes in least-reached areas will receive the gospel in a form they can understand. The plan is to provide a ‘gospel packet’ to 30,000 homes in least-reached areas, which equates to around 120,000 people. For those who are literate, this would contain written material for the whole family to learn more about the truth.

In 2017 we distributed 38,715 literature packets, 447 audio players and 976 SD cards. An estimated 30,000+ homes have received the gospel. 16,668 tracts and 5,338 comics were distributed that clearly explain the gospel. In all, 246 people believed in Jesus Christ and eight new fellowships were formed from new believers, from whom 186 have completed a series of seven Bible studies while a further 38 have started at least one. At least 96 of this number are new to their faith. God has been a continuous provider for opportunities to share the truth and bring new people to come to know Him.

As the Gospel is shared, OM’s hope is that this will lead to people coming to the Lord, new believers being discipled, those believers going out to share the Word, and new churches being planted.

How can you help?

$250 – 50 Gospel Booklets
$50 – 400 Children’s Comics
$100 – 2,500 Tracts clearly explaining the Gospel
$75 – 30 New Testaments

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