Project Construction and Maintenance Manager


Partnership Type

Full Time*

Commitment Length

1-2 years



Partnership Overview

Do you have the heart to serve with us at the Lake Tanganyika, we are looking for the project manager who is responsible for upcoming and existing projects.

Required Skills

  1. Planning construction projectS.
  2. Creating a construction schedule
  3. Creating budgets
  4. Assigning task to the various construction and sub-contractors.
  5. Tracking activities in a project from beginning to end.
  6. Working with the team in our areas.
  7. Managing suppliers and resources.
  8. Ability to define the new projects clearly to the leaders and the team.
  9. Develop a construction plan and make it profitable.

  • Keep inventory of tools, equipment, and machinery.
  • Allocate and manage resources logistics.
  • Create status report for project stakeholders.
  • Obtain building permits, licenses and meet code regulations.
  • Maintain health and safety standards.
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