REACH in the UK (March 2025)

24 Mar 2025 -
22 Aug 2025
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United Kingdom

Journey Overview

REACH UK is a 5-month cross-cultural mission training experience. It's a combination of classroom teachings and outreach to give participants a taste of different mission contexts. It aims at equipping and inspiring participants for effective cross-cultural mission.

Through this training, participants learn to embody Christ's love, serve others selflessly, and share the gospel in culturally relevant ways. It's not just about spreading the gospel but facilitating genuine transformation both for participants and the communities they serve; hence embodying the great Commission's call to make disciples of all nations.

During this time, participants will be trained and mentored while immersed in cross-cultural community and ministry. REACH UK equips participants with the essential skills, knowledge and experience needed to engage in cross-cultural missions and empowers them to be impactful and intentional ambassadors of Jesus Christ wherever He calls them to serve.

This programme is aimed at participants aged 18-mid 20's. Training will be in English.

Training Module overview:

  1. Orientation: able to understand OM history, values and vision, basic logistics of the programme and cross-cultural community living, all of which will enable them to get the most out of REACH.
  2. Spiritual formation: able to have a better understanding of knowing and loving God, themselves and others. They will also have tools to intentionally grow in spiritual and emotional maturity.
  3. Evangelism: able to scripturally understand and clearly and confidently present the gospel and have developed some basic skills in presenting the gospel through a variety of methods, to a range of people.
  4. Purpose and calling: understand who God created them to be, the gifts and strengths He has given them and how they find their place in God's mission on Earth, while exploring the universal mission calling to each of us.
  5. VCJF: participants able to understand the Great Commission, the purpose for discipleship, be equipped with simple tools for making disciples who make disciples and understand basic strategies for how to start discipleship making movements.
  6. Leadership and Teamwork: understand biblical models of leadership and the OM leadership framework. They will be equipped with foundation-level tools for leading small groups that can also be applied to their next ministry fields, including in servant leadership, conflict resolution and basic teamwork principles.
  7. Missions: able to understand the purpose of missions; the biblical foundation for missions; evangelism amongst different world faiths; how to understand, assess and contextualise evangelism in a different culture and how to effectively mobilise the church for missions.
  8. Transition, Debrief and Re-entry: participants will have effectively debriefed their time and understand the challenges of transition and re-entry. If you live in Canada, you can use this link to apply now

Price excludes airfare, insurance or any possible vaccinations and is subject to foreign exchange rates.

What To Expect

REACH is a full-time residential training programme designed to help prepare for cross-cultural missions through:

Classroom time: understand the biblical basis of mission and build a strong foundation for works in mission. Teaching, workshops, simulations, small discussion groups, worship & Bible studies.

Outreaches: participants will travel and serve with OM teams in European countries including Ireland, Moldova, Serbia, Romania and some of the UK’s biggest multi-cultural cities including London, Birmingham & Liverpool which will help them gain first hand mission experience and put learning into practice.

Living cross-culturally: getting to know different cultures as they work, learn and grow together.

Coach-Mentoring: Participants receive individual attention from an experienced Jesus follower who can help them on their journey, and personal development. Weekly sessions will help participants set goals and move towards them through the programme.

Training modules: as detailed below

Participant Profile

Age Range: 18-99

You will need:

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Have a good level of spoken English (will be assessed)
  • A desire and openness to allow God to work in your life
  • A desire to learn and grow as a person
  • A willingness to live and function as part of a team
  • An openness to people of other faiths and cultures

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be accommodation provided?

Accommodation is a variety of dormitory-style rooms. You will live, eat, pray, plan, and have fun with others on your team. Participants will likely share a room with people from other countries. There will be a separate accommodation for male and female. You will be responsible to clean your accommodation and wash your bed linen regularly. Washing machines are available for you to do your own washing.

Will there be food provided?

When you arrive, there will be some basic food in your accommodation and the first meals will be organised for you. However, in the first week you will be shown where to do grocery shopping and will be expected to plan, shop, cook and eat most meals together as REACH participants. Please let us know in advance of any special dietary needs (vegetarian, food allergies, dairy-free, gluten free, etc.)

Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?

The closest train station to the OM UK base at Quinta is Chirk station.

The closest airports to the OM UK base at Quinta are Liverpool Airport, Manchester Airport or Birmingham international Airport. The OM UK base at Quinta is easily accessible from all 3 airports by train. We are happy to offer pick up from Chirk station.

What should my health condition be like?

Participants should be in average good health and able to walk a reasonable distance without difficulty. If you think this requirement rules you out, talk to us and we will see what adjustments we may be able to make for you. Each participant is responsible to obtain appropriate emergency health and medical insurance.

Do I need a visa?

Please check to see if you need a visa.

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