The Right Work at the Right Time – Greece

Greece’s impact on the world in language, thought and culture was undisputed for centuries, but has greatly diminished. Though the New Testament was written in Greek, today only 25,000 of eleven million Greeks would indentify as evangelical Christians. Younger generations are uninterested in formal religion and seek personal spirituality.

Today, Greece is synonymous with the massive wave of refugees into Europe and a collapsed economy straining every level of society. Both have proven to be strategic opportunities to spread the gospel and revive Jesus’
followers. In partnership with churches, we are spearheading four initiatives that are central to our mandate. Your gifts of any size will have a lasting impact.

Refugee assistance

At the height of the crisis, OM workers and others were literally rescuing refugees from the sea. This prolonged emergency evolved from immediate aid to better short-term housing, children’s education in camps, marketable skills training for adults and help in securing refugee status across Europe. Thousands of refugees remain in camps where our teams minister to them practically and spiritually. This is also a training opportunity for local believers.
$27,000 covers annual operational costs for our Athens Refugee Center
$9,000provides accommodation for a refugee family (one year).
$45,000 covers annual operational costs for our work in Malakasa Refugee Camp

Mercy ministries

We assist three churches in providing feeding, laundry and shower facilities for the homeless and marginalized. In Pireaus, there is a monthly service where 150 homeless people gather. The Second Church hosts a Bible study for homeless people every Thursday led by an OM team member.

$12,000 facilitates year round ministry with these three churches.

Church planting

OM is assisting in three church plants. Neos Kosmos Church is the most recent. OM also helps run two
Albanian Camps annually.

$4,500 will facilitate and expand this to plant more churches in unreached areas

Support for Greek national workers

An increasing number of Greek believers want to join the OM team, but raising support in Greece is a big challenge. Our long-term effectiveness depends on more Greeks, Afghans and Iranians on the team.

$15,000 will subsidize training and outreach experiences for young Greeks.

Greece hosted an historically unprecedented migration of millions, most from lands traditionally hostile to the gospel. Many thousands responded to Christ and have settled across Europe as Christ’s witnesses to their host societies and fellow immigrant communities. Your continued partnership with us will build on that momentum to the glory of God.

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