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Support the People of Ukraine

In the midst of this evolving conflict, there is an opportunity for believers everywhere to respond to the critical needs of Ukrainians fleeing their homes and homeland, and to demonstrate God’s care to the hurting. Pray that many will experience that “the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble” (Psalm 9:9; NIV).

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Pastors of Ukraine: Disaster Response to the Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine

Pray that war would cease and for justice and righteousness to be seen. Pray for leaders around the world to act with wisdom and compassion. Pray that those in need would find refuge and strength in the Lord. Pray for God's peace and protection on those in danger, experiencing fear, or grieving. 

This video shows footage from 2017, when a group of pastors decided to move towards the front lines instead of fleeing from it. OM's heart for the people hurting in the Ukraine right now is just as bold as it was then.

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Pastors of Ukraine


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Send help for Ukrainians

After months of tension at Ukraine’s border, Russia’s military attack has led to hundreds of thousands in search of safety. The conflict in Ukraine has evolved over several years and through multiple stages, and this humanitarian crisis is now critical. Many people were not prepared for war and have found themselves and their families shell-shocked – not just by rockets and gunfire, but by the pain of separation from loved ones and the uncertainty of abandoning their homes and livelihoods.

OM is on the ground to respond immediately, responding to the unfolding situation in Ukraine and surrounding countries. As more and more people flee, our team members in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania are mobilizing local churches, coordinating relief efforts and administering aid to those in need. We urgently invite you to be part of the effort to assist vulnerable people in Ukraine and across bordering countries with essentials such as food packages, supplies for those who have left everything behind, temporary shelter and basic trauma debriefing.

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Would you like to receive updates about how OM is working to to serve and support  people as they are affected by this crisis in Ukraine? Contact us to start receiving regular email updates.


*We are monitoring the situation closely and our International Crisis Response Team is working with the local leadership to implement crisis plans.

Ukraine urgently needs our help!

We have a Canadian* in Ukraine who is working with other OM team members in helping those displaced by conflict, working with local churches to provide relief and aid to those in need and providing hospitality to those fleeing the country. They are responding with:

● Emergency shelter in homes and church facilities
● Adequate food
● Sanitation, water and blankets
● First aid and medical kits
● Medical emergencies


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