Streams in the desert

Streams in the desert


Morocco is a beautiful country of approximately 36 million people in North Africa. The local Arabic dialect, called Darija, is a mix of Classical Arabic, Berber and French. Many people identify as ethnically Berber, and there are three main Berber languages spoken in addition to Arabic. 99.6 per cent of the Moroccan population are Muslim with a small number of Jews and Christians. As God continues to be at work in this country, our prayer is for foreign and local believers to be united in loving their communities and seeing God's love transform them.

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How you can help


Pray for this dry land to be flooded with streams of God’s living water. Pray for powerful  dreams and visions and for others to help with understanding. Pray for the media and online resources reaching individuals in isolated regions and the following-up. Pray for the existing local church to mature in faith and to stand against a spirit of fear.


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More information about Morocco

  • Population: 32 million 
  • Languages: Arabic, French, Berber (Tamazight)
  • Religious Make-Up: Sunni Muslim 99%, other 1% (including Christian, Jewish)
  • State of Economy: Morocco has a diverse economy including agriculture, phosphate, and textile sectors. Due to the close proximity to Europe, tourism and export agreements continue to increase. While King Mohammed VI has experienced relative economic growth in recent years,  Morocco struggles with unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy especially in rural regions.
  • State of the Church: Small fellowships of Muslim background believers can be found scattered across the country. Large areas of the country have no believers.

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