A Creative Expression of Love

Are you ready for an artist's journey of discipleship, theology and cross-cultural ministry?

Grow in your skill as an artist and engage the world through your creativity. Work alongside other artists and explore new ways to express, challenge and encourage yourself and others through art.

Incarnate is a 16-week holistic discipleship programme for artists. Participants engage in artistic and spiritual mentorship as well as academic courses to learn more about who God is, what role they have in God’s story and, lastly, how they as artists interact with the stories of others worldwide.


Inspiro Arts Alliance Logo

Global Identity

Incarnate is a part of the Inspiro Arts Alliance ministry of OM. Inspiro Arts Alliance around the world is often identified by its own logo so be on-the-lookout for a sighting 'in-the-wild'.

"Incarnate presented opportunities to practice using art in ministry, as well as introduced me to all the opportunities and possible paths I can take as an artist. I returned home with a new confidence and new perspective on how I could use my gifts to transform the community and share Christ's love."