Penang, Malaysia :: A local family comes on board to visit the bookfair.

Paving a positive future in Penang

Penang, Malaysia :: Doulos Hope opens to the public in Penang

Doulos Hope’s crew were delighted to officially welcome the people of Penang to visit her onboard floating bookfair from 31 July to 27 August, in what was the vessel’s second public port of call since her launch earlier this year.

The sight of the vessel berthed in Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal, where she was berthed for the duration of this visit, is a familiar one to locals. Previously, the ship, known as ‘The Taipan,’ and operating as a casino cruise ship, had also been docked here before she was newly acquired and renamed ‘Doulos Hope.’

Guest of honour at the official opening ceremony was Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Chow Kon Yeow. He said, “We also acknowledge and embrace the legacy of Penang’s relationship with this vessel. From her former identity as The Taipan, [meaning] the ‘boss of all bosses,’ to her current name, Doulos Hope, ‘servant of hope,’ we recognize the deep significance of this transformation. Doulos Hope aims not only to enrich individuals but also to positively impact global communities and future generations.

While Doulos Hope may be a new vessel, her reputation precedes her well, thanks to her sister ships. We are inspired by the numerous initiatives and projects undertaken by them, particularly in alleviating poverty. From post-civil war reconciliation in Papua New Guinea to the construction of orphanages in Myanmar and Liberia, and the rebuilding of communities devastated by natural disasters in Sri Lanka, Sudan and East Timor, [the ships] have shown us what it truly means to make the world a better place.

In tandem with our vision of ‘a family-focused, green and smart state that inspires a nation,’ it is my hope that such humility and love showcased by Doulos Hope will serve to inspire and encourage the people of Penang to make a difference no matter how small or impossible it may seem. As in the words of the late Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

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