Ships :: Centered, Esnart (Zambia), smiles alongside her service desk team on board Logos Hope.

The voice of the ship

Ships :: Esnart (Zambia) has seen her own confidence grow since joining Logos Hope and is inspired to help other girls in her community reach their full potential

"Dear ship's company, it's now time to say goodbye to our guests and volunteers…"

If you have visited or stayed onboard Logos Hope in the last number of years, you will probably have heard this instruction and many others broadcast over the loudspeakers. It was undoubtedly the voice of Esnart (Zambia), who until recently, was serving on board the ship as receptionist.

For Esnart, coming on board was a step of faith. She had been serving with OM in Zambia since 2014 when she received the offer to join the ship. Initially hesitant, worried about leaving her family whom she was helping look after, she finally agreed to join. But on arrival to the ship, the new environment was one she found overwhelming, meeting lots of new people with lots already in common from their life on board, combined with the uncertainty of what life would be like for her in her new floating home.

After six months of working in the International Café on the Visitor Experience deck, Esnart was next assigned to the Service Desk, which at first was a big challenge for her. She had to learn everything from scratch, but during this time, she also saw how her faith grew as God worked within her.

"I remember when I did my first page, my heart was beating really fast and I was so scared. But the Service Desk helped me rise to challenges, giving me room to learn and grow. It has helped me to have confidence in what I am doing and to know that God can use me," she shares. As long as I [have Him]... I can do it."

Looking back now, Esnart can see the transformation within herself during those two years and three months. Her struggles with low self-esteem were something she saw she was also able to overcome, with the help of the activities and responsibilities entrusted to her by the ship's leaders.

And having recently finished her length of time on board, today Esnart plans to pursue online studies and is seeking to invest in the younger girls in her community to help further develop their skills and accelerate their learning too, enabling them to earn a living for their future.

This month as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to recognise and say a special thank you to the many women who are fulfilling their purpose as they give of their time, giftings and passions, both as crewmembers and in service beyond their time on board, where God has placed them.

How might you help accelerate progress where you are today?