Cross cultural ministry training in southern Spain

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Thanks to its strategic position on the Strait of Gibraltar, this city in southern Spain is the port with the biggest flow of people between Europe and Africa. This has resulted in a city with a lot of cultural diversity. The close physical proximity to Africa and the close cultural proximity to Latin America make this city a strategic place for the development of cross cultural ministry. For this reason the OM team in this city are involved in different ministry areas, mainly among Spaniards and Arabs, and also with some other smaller cultural groups.

As part of the programme you will learn about the challenges and opportunities present in cross cultural ministry. You will work with the team in different ministries, for example working with the local Spanish church, working with immigrants, church planting related activities and evangelism in the port. We offer practical cross cultural ministry training where you will participate in a multicultural team and context. At the same time we will accompany you to discover and develop your ministry according to your gifts and calling.

This programme can run for 3 months or up to 9 months. If the programme is longer than 90 days there may be additional costs for visas and language school studies (for those who don't already speak a good level of Spanish). Si vives en España y tienes alguna duda o quieres presentar una solicitud, escríbenos a

Para hacer la solicitud debes ser mayor de edad (tener 18 años +). Todas las oportunidades son de misionero, es decir, que no son puestos remunerados.

What To Expect

The programme will focus on 4 main areas:

Self-leadership: In cross cultural ministry it is essential to learn skills such as how to manage your time, resources and your emotions in new contexts where change is a constant.

Teamwork: Learning to work as part of a team with people from different cultures, as well as maintaining a good relationship with your sending church, the local church and with other ministries.

Ministry foundations: As well as different cultures, the mission field also has a lot of different church denominations, so we will look at theological and missiological concepts.

Tools for connection: In some cases, depending on the type of ministry and the context in which you want to work in the future, you might need to develop different tools to connect with people and as a reason to enter a different country. These tools could include learning a new language, teaching language classes, developing your own business or doing training workshops.

Perfil del Participante

Age Range: 18-99

Have a call to cross cultural missions, principally but not exclusively among Spaniards or Arabs.

Willingness to learn and to try new things.

Willingness to work with other cultures and church denominations.

Good level of English and/or Spanish.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Will there be accommodation provided?

You will be sharing a flat or house with other participants, OM workers or local believers. You may have to share a bedroom.

Will there be food provided?

You will need to take turns in cooking meals. All dietary requirements can be catered for, as long as we know about them in advance.

Do I need to make my own travel arrangements?

You can fly to the airports of Malaga, Seville or Gibraltar.  You can then take public transport from the airport to the city where you will be based. The cost of the public transport is in addition to the cost of the programme. 

What should my health condition be like?

In good health. We need to know about any health issues, dietary requirements, food allergies or intolerances in advance.

Do I need a visa?

Members of the European Union have free access to Spain. Citizens of most Latin American and some other countries can visit Spain for up to 90 days without a visa. But visitors from elsewhere will need a tourist visa to enter Spain. Check with your local Spanish consulate what the Spanish entry requirements are for your specific country.

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