Paul & Stephanie Dixon

Paul : Field Leader

Stephanie : Field Personnel Officer

Stephanie's role (vidéo)


Jamie & Michaela Cutting

Short-Term Outreaches Coordinator

Martin & Petro de Lange

Ministry among Turkish speakers.

Their news

Sophie Rouin

TeenStreet team

Adeline Léon

Field accountant

Elise Ha

communication officer


read my testimony

Eric Dettwiler

Leadership Team & Pioneer projects leader

Jan & Marie Coetzer

Church workers

Ger et Phoenicia Van Veen

Phoenicia : Member board - Leadership TeenStreet France

Ger : Mobilisation OM Europe & TeenStreet International Team

Nathalie Bonhomme

TeenStreet France Team

Shura Kapitaniuk

short-term outreach

Admin assistant

Translation Director for OM international

Marcel & Åse Georgel

Pasteur de terrain

Maureen Ma

Member care; OM trainer

Christophe & Danièle Lorimer

OM trainer

Board Members

Catriona LAM President

Pascal VERMES Secretary

Loïc BEGUIN Treasurer

Steve VOKE Member

Silvain Dewaele (Member)

To support a member of our team with a one-off or regular donation, all you have to do is specify the name of the missionary you wish to support in the text, whichever method you choose.

If you live anywhere other than France, please make the payment through your national OM  office.

If you live in France, and do your banking with a french bank : Donner à OM France 


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