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TeenStreet is an international community of young Jesus followers. We partner with churches around the world to motivate, equip and walk alongside (Christian) teens to have a real relationship with Jesus and reflect Him daily in their world.

 What started in 1993 as an event with 53 teens has grown rapidly.  Today we welcome thousands of teens representing close to 50 countries to join us in a virtual community of teens living life on purpose for Jesus. 

We strive to connect teens with other teens in a small group setting. We provide resources to fuel growth and encourage small group engagement.  While we still host events around the world, we view these times together as a celebration of growth and a commissioning to continue the work of Christ. 

TeenStreet is more than a one week event.
TeenStreet is living a life that has fun, goes deep and lives boldly for Jesus.



TeenStreet Logo

Global Identity

TeenStreet around the world is often identified by its own logo so be on-the-lookout for a sighting 'in-the-wild'.

“TeenStreet sparked and rekindled the fire in us to love God and obey Him. The lessons that we learned helped us in our walk with Jesus, and we wanted to see the same in other teens—for them to be on fire and live out the Gospel.”


TeenStreet Events

When can we expect you?

Are you ready for a challenge to grow to live fully alive in your faith? A TeenStreet experience could be your gateway to a life well-lived. Let’s talk! Contact your local OM office to learn more about one of our TeenStreet events around the world.