##FULL## Paris Praise (Olympics)

27 Juil 2024 -
4 Aoû 2024
EUR 250.00

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19 Juil



Aperçu du voyage

Joining with a collective of other missions organisations, we will serve with local churches, reaching out to those who are in Paris for the Olympics games using musical events and other street evangelism to share the Good News of Jesus! Bringing the message of the Gospel to those who have never heard it, in the multicultural, sporting and dynamic context of the Olympic Games in Paris this summer!


À quoi s'attendre

Each evening of the week we will help a different church host a gospel concert evening with professional musicians from several different countries.
On several afternoons we will join with a larger group to head out onto the streets of Paris in various locations and share the Gospel through music, art, distribution of literature as well as using a "roving mic".
We'll end the week in worship, celebrating what Jesus has done through us and around us. This will be an opportunity to witness and encourage the local church.

Profil du participant

Age Range: 16-99

Are you ready to take a step of faith to serve? Do you love the Lord and want to share the Good News of the Gospel with those who haven't yet heard it? Then sign up!

Foire aux questions

Un logement sera-t-il fourni ?

Participants will either be housed with members of the church or in a christian language centre rented for the week by the church.

De la nourriture sera-t-elle fournie ?

Food will be provided during the week, but if you would like to buy any other food (French bread/pastries), please bring your own money.

Dois-je organiser moi-même mon voyage ?

Participants will need to arrange their own travel to and from the outreach. All travel during the outreach is included in the cost.

Quel devrait être mon état de santé ?

Participants should be generally fit, not requiring intensive medical care. 

Ai-je besoin d'un visa ?

Participants outside of the EU may require a visa. If a visa is required, the exact required visa should be checked with the local sending office


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