Translator or Interpreter TeenStreet


Partnership Type

Part Time

Commitment Length

6-12 months



Partnership Overview

Do you have experience translating or interpreting? Would you be willing to use your skills to serve God and allow French teens to hear His message through your work? If so, maybe this is for you!

Required Skills

We are looking for Native French speakers with high-level of written French and a good understanding of written English and at least two people with experience in simultaneous translation who can be part of the team during the event. All of the translations will be from English to French. We are looking for a team of people, to translate the manual that the youth will use for their small group and personal studies during Teenstreet 2024.  This work can be done from home starting in March. We are also looking for two people to interpret simultaneously during the live TeenStreet session from 26th July to 2nd August 2024  (This role is voluntary and you will need to be sign up as part of the service team – information and tariffs can be found at, these people should be part of the wider translating team and have been involved from the early stages to ensure continuity in the words and ideas between the studies and the live sessions.

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* The jobs listed on this website do not have a set salary. This means that the person who applies will need to raise their own support, which is money that they will use to live on. The amount of support money they need to raise will depend on things like where they are from, if they have a family, and what country they will be working in. There might be some jobs that pay salary, but these are rare and would need to be negotiated with the sending offices and the teams you'd like to serve with. If you have any questions about this, please contact your local home office. Always keep in mind that our ministry depends on generous giving from our partners around the globe and God's ongoing provision. Joining OM is always seen as a step of faith and trust in a God who will provide for our needs through his chosen people.