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Over 3 billion people worldwide have yet to know Jesus or experience His love personally. Will you join God in transforming lives for His glory? Contribute to the global harvest by praying, giving or going!

doulos hope

9 to 29 July 2024, vivocity

Doulos Hope is coming back to Singapore

A year after she was launched on our shores, Doulos Hope is coming back! The newest addition to OM’s fleet, Doulos Hope and her international crew seek to share knowledge, help and hope with communities across Asia. More information about visiting her onboard bookfair will be available in the days to come.


We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.


Serve with OM in Singapore

Did you know you can be a mission worker without leaving Singapore? Join the global harvest right here at home.

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The celebration of Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year (CNY), starts with a ‘reunion dinner,’ where every family member returns home to share the final meal of the year together. However, OM in Singapore has some friends who are unable to do so — they work in the red-light district, and many are estranged from their families. This year the OM team invited these friends for reunion meals with them.
Worship on the river boat is an integral part of life.  Photo by Garrett N
Initially hesitating to join the mission field due to a good career and comfort, Flora found unexpected blessings as she stepped out in faith to serve God.

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"We will press forward until every creature has heard the gospel... the world is our goal!"

george verwer
om co-founder, 1961