We love because he first loved us

Take part in a global community of Jesus followers, united to share God's love

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You were made for this

God's mission is bigger than any one of us.
We can all feel afraid and overwhelmed.
But you were designed for more.


We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

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Your story

It's not about becoming a missionary.
If you love Jesus, you're already his missionary!

It's about exploring new places and ways to serve the mission you're already a part of!

You have been uniquely shaped by God with gifts and passions for the purpose of sharing His love with the world. Our heart is to inspire you to discover and embrace these gifts and passions, and to equip and connect you with opportunities to use them, sharing God’s love with people who don’t know it.

"Literal adherence to the principles laid down by Jesus Christ would, without a doubt, result in world-wide revolution. A revolution motivated by love; a revolution executed by love; and a revolution culminating in love."