Day 1: Wisdom

The Main Hall session focused on wisdom, a word and concept used very much in everyday life. The truth is that God gives us wisdom, and He invites us to desire and search for it as we would search for treasure.

Day 1 of TeenStreet! The morning’s Main Hall session focused on an important attribute: wisdom. To start the lesson, Rachel shared that there were two different kinds of people in Matthew 7. There was the wise man and the foolish man. But what exactly made the wise man wise?

“Wisdom is not a word we use every day, but Proverbs talks about it a lot,” she said. “Wisdom is knowledge that God helps us know that we apply for our own good, for the good of others and for the glory of God.”

The truth is that God gives us wisdom. He invites us to desire and search for it. In conflict or when you need help, how do you walk in wisdom? What Bible verse do you cling to?

Cecil used Noah as an example of someone walking faithfully with God. When given all of the instructions for building the ark—which took 100 years!—Noah remained faithful and persistent. He didn’t quit or try to get out of it, even if he may not have seen the end goal or purpose.

“God has the big picture,” she encouraged the group. “He loves us. Let’s live for God’s glory, not being distracted by things in His plan for us.”

GAME TIME brought Sweden and Portugal head-to-head. In just one minute, they had to balance as many random items as possible on a teeter-totter. Happily, the game ended in a tie!

Rich shared with the group that he likes to see Bible truths practically. A family from Germany followed God’s calling to Peru to work in a hospital, even though their life was currently secure. “It’s wiser to be where God wants you,” Rich said later. “If the Lord and God of wisdom is in your boat, you can be in any storm.”

When it’s not applied, knowledge does no good. What glory does it give to God? Sometimes wisdom doesn’t seem logical. But when we listen to God, it makes sense. How do you apply the wisdom you find in the Bible?

Rachel finished by challenging the teens to be seeking for wisdom as they would seek for a treasure. In fact, their giveaway from the session was at the end of a treasure hunt with four tasks to be completed during their Net Group time later in the day.

Thoughts from the teens

“I really liked the part about the family being sent out to Peru, because wisdom is also about following God’s plan, the purpose that He has for your life, and what He wants to do in your life. Not many people think that it is wisdom to follow God’s plan, but it actually is.” – Tabea (16, Germany)

“Wisdom is a gift from God to be used for the work of God and to help you in your personal relationship with God.” – Chris (16, Holland)

“You don’t necessarily have to be old in order to be wise. It just means you know and follow the Lord’s Word.” – Lois (17, Belgium)

“[Wisdom] is like when we apply the armour of God, and when we read the Bible. We get the armour of God so that we can apply our wisdom.” – Helena (16, Faroe Islands)

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