Nepal is a land of towering mountains, terraced rice-paddies, breathtaking beauty, and cultural mystique. It also ranks as one of the poorest nations in the world.

This mountainous country is bordered by China to the north and India to the south and boasts eight of the world’s ten highest peaks. Because the terrain is so difficult, land development has been slow, resulting in poverty and subsistence living. Almost a third of the population lives below the poverty line, and the majority are illiterate. There are many abandoned women and a huge prostitution industry. 

Opportunities in Nepal

Healthy Fellowships: Vast areas of Nepal have no or very few believers. OM sends teams to unreached communities to identify those who are open to spiritual truth and able to be discipled as cultural ambassadors and future leaders of reproducing indigenous fellowships.

Mobilizing the local church: The church in Nepal is only about 65 years old but in that time it has grown from five known believers to an estimated one million! As the church in Nepal grows, the need for trained leaders is increasing proportionally. Churches also need to grasp the importance of reaching out to their communities to meet spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. OM equips Nepalese believers with ministry experience and discipleship skills and sends them out to serve their communities and the world.

Sharing God’s love:  Training, community development projects, educational literature distribution, trekking in remote parts of the country, and friendship building provide avenues for workers to develop relationships and share Biblical truth.

Training and Leadership Development: OM offers ongoing local training opportunities designed to mobilize and equip local believers. OM also conducts an in-depth 2-year training programme for new team members joining the field.

Learning the local language: Learning the heart language of locals is intrinsic to effective communication. Nepal offers a variety of language learning options, including formal classroom training and practicing with friends.


More information about Nepal
Capital: Kathmandu
Population: 28,563,377
Area: 147,181 sq km
Major language: Nepali
Major religions: Hindu 80.6%, Buddhist 10.7%, Muslim 4.2%
Life expectancy: 64.3 years (men); 66.67 years (women)

People Groups
Nepal is a collage of people groups, each with its own unique culture, history, and traditions. While the majority of people can communicate in Nepali, at least 125 other languages are spoken as well.


Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha, more than 80% Hindu, and was the home of the fastest-growing church in Asia. When Nepal first opened to the outside world in 1951 there were only five known believers. By 1970 the church had grown to about 500, expanding to 25,000 by the early 1980s and 75,000 by 1990. No one knows for sure how many Christians are currently in Nepal because difficult terrain has isolated many areas, but we estimate that there are about one million believers.

The level of religious freedom in Nepal has fluctuated over the years. The local Church has faced persecution and harassment, but has enjoyed a period of calm for the last few years.Want to learn more about OM’s ministry in Nepal?


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