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In everything we do and say, everywhere we go and at every time of day, we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

Whether at home, school, work, the sport field or driving down the road, the way each of us lives, thinks, works, speaks and socialises presents a picture of what it is to be a Jesus follower. Our living example can invite conversation, open doors, and demonstrate what life is like when it is centred on God’s love.

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Are you looking to take the next step in living your whole life as an example of Jesus? We want to help you discover the place God is calling you!

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Get on board!

Open your heart to God's mission

Live, work and serve in an international community and partake in an amazing cross-cultural ministry experience that will change the way you see the world and your part in God’s plan.

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Mechanic working in automative shop in Albania

Use Your Career

You don't have to choose between work and mission

We affirm the original, God-given role of every believer as an image-bearer and disciple-maker within their places of work and influence. 

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Team sitting on a bench during an outreach

Join a Team

God's mission is bigger than any one of us

We can all feel afraid and overwhelmed at times but you were designed for more. Somewhere, there's a group of Jesus followers praying for you to join them in sharing God's love.

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Discover the impact you can have as a financial partner in the lives of Jesus followers sharing God's love among the least-reached people of the world.

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