1. The God of India, Singapore and the Middle East

    ... “Doron, I am the God of the Middle East, India and Singapore!” Whenever Doron Lukat, the new director of OM in Germany, is in difficult situations, is afraid or struggling for answers, God reminds him of the Middle East, India and Singapore — and that He ... Read more
  2. R66529

    Using football to share God’s love

    ... “I believe in Jesus, what do you think about Him?” As a football coach in Argentina, Daniel Blessing, 26, from Germany, gets to talk about Jesus with many children. He loves playing football and has a degree in business administration and economics. So, ... Read more
  3. Challenge accepted

    ... Mohammed (Mo) didn’t think twice when his friend and mentor, Tobias, told him about the 1,000 km (621.3 miles) ‘Coronaride’ happening in a few weeks. “Sure, I’m in,” Mo said, regardless of the fact he’d only started riding road bikes several months earlier ... Read more
  4. R46296

    Global Village: An idea from God

    ... A huge black tower stands in the center of the dining hall at TeenStreet (TS), the words “Maison de Ville” glowing against the dark wall. Everything indicates that this is a five-star hotel. Desk clerks distribute keys to groups of teenagers, who then ... Read more
  5. R67154

    'It's not about the bike'

    ... As a leader in OM’s sports ministry, Chris (South Africa) is no stranger to seeing landscapes fly past on two wheels. “I’ve cycled everywhere,” he said. South Africa, Wales and Malawi are just some of the places where he’s participated in organised tours. ... Read more
  6. R65538

    Knocking on doors

    ... Everybody at TeenStreet (TS) loves Agnes. She is bubbly, full of joy and when she is doing translation––well, it's like a well-oiled machine. It is clear that she’s very good at what she does, knows her job inside and out and can work under a lot of ... Read more
  7. Vibrant communities of Jesus followers among immigrants in Germany

    ... They used to live in Jordan in order to engage with least-reached societies. Now they’re back in Germany, sharing the gospel with immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. OM workers Elsbeth and Josef* focus on groups, not individuals. They ... Read more
  8. R54445

    Time for transition

    ... Every day, Karl* sends around 15 voice messages in Arabic to friends in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Most days, he also meets Arab or Kurdish contacts in Germany, where he and his wife, Bettina*, recently transitioned after 23 years serving on the OM ... Read more
  9. R57289

    Power in Togetherness

    ... Armed with musical instruments, art materials, national flags, a boombox and a puppet, community members walked off the Riverboat in high spirits, drawing attention on the streets. The entire crew went to the city centre of Mainz, Germany, for an afternoon ... Read more
  10. Beer bottles, confetti and the Gospel of John

    ... As ‘Karneval’ goers decked out in their craziest costumes flooded the bars in Bonn, Germany, Riverboat community members armed themselves with flyers, the Gospel of John and a guitar and headed out on the streets to pray. ‘Karneval’ refers to the yearly ... Read more