Think about singing your favourite Christmas carol for the first time this year. Standing shoulder to shoulder with other believers, eyes focused on the Christ child in a manger, raised voices coming together to adore Christ the Lord. What a wonderful blessing it is!

The invitation at Christmas is for all to come and adore Christ the Lord. Yet there are still many people around the world who have never heard His name. This Christmas, your financial support will equip OM workers like Steven and Rachel to share the good news of Jesus with least-reached communities around the world.

Your gift of any amount will help Jesus followers engage with their communities and ensure that all have the opportunity to receive, understand, and respond to the good news about Jesus.

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Come Let us Adore Him - Christmas 2023 (1.53)


Rachel shares the greatest story ever told - through music. Her Christmas concerts in Austria are an opportunity for those in her community to come, hear the good news and adore Him.


In Tanzania, OM artist Steven is working alongside Jesus followers to write worship songs in their mother-tongue, giving rise to heartfelt adoration.
With his band, Bill Drake has toured in Hungary 15 times. The messages in his songs and the testimonies shared during concerts point audiences to hope found in Christ alone. Photo by Photo-guy / Guy Williams.
Every summer, Bill Drake tours with his international band in Hungary, where the themes in his songs resonate with people struggling to find hope.
Henna designs provide artistic inspiration and the application provides quality time among women in the Arabian Peninsula.  
Photo by Andrew W.
Local worship music has impacted individuals and communities within the AP as it reaches people emotionally and personally, leading to profound breakthroughs in their relationship with Jesus.



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