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It’s time to serve. It’s time to wrap your life around God’s mission of love in the world and step into the life you were created for. He has a goal to achieve, and you are part of His workforce.

While 1% of believers have stepped into some form of “full-time ministry,” the 99% of the church remain on the bench. They have not engaged in what has been referred to as “missions” because “missions,” as we know it, has been divorced from our everyday lives – most certainly from our everyday workplaces.

It’s often said that God’s people should go out into the world, but we’re already there! God’s people are already in the world everyday as teachers, software engineers, farmers, athletes, accountants, and hairdressers.

We affirm the original, God-given role of every believer as an image-bearer and disciple-maker within their places of work and influence. We join with thousands of other global voices, organizations, and churches in affirming that all of life is sacred, and nothing is unworthy of God’s restorative purpose.

Our vision is to see Jesus represented in every industry and every place, through women and men being deeply present, loving their neighbors and doing good, holy, redemptive work in communities around the world.

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Ready? Set? Go and live.

Whether you plan to serve in your own community or find a new community in the world to call home, We will be honoured to join and support you as you go. The resources below will help you find where to serve, what to consider as you prepare, and what support our teams can provide you along the way.

God is guiding your path, and we are here to support you on the journey.



Serve your community

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If you already live in a place with few or no Jesus followers, you might be in the perfect place to begin sharing God’s love. As a local, you likely already have community connections and relationships that will allow you to get started more quickly than those coming from the outside.

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Our teams around the world are often looking for people to serve as part of the local mobilisation ministry. We seek to have a credible presence where we can live an authentic expression of the Gospel in every aspect of life all over the globe.

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We'd love to talk to you about the many opportunities you have to be a disciple-maker within your places of work and influence.

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