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Inviting Muslims Home

We believe that people will only find a true home when they know Jesus.

Many of the Muslim diaspora community have become Jesus followers, and some are even serving with us to reach their own people. However, there are many more who have yet to hear of what Jesus did for them. We need people like you to also live out God’s love among Muslim people.

Nostos is a family of ministries that serves the Muslim diaspora around the world. We believe that people will only find a true home when they know Jesus, but there are thousands of unreached Muslims who have never heard of His love. Muslims are being displaced from their home countries daily, and they are settling in new countries around the world. These countries are often more accessible than their home countries, allowing us to minister to these people right where they are.

Much of our ministry takes place in Europe, as a high concentration of Muslim diaspora members have settled there. We are also active in Africa, North America and Australia. We serve Muslims from the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and elsewhere. Wherever members of the Muslim diaspora community settle, we want to be there to share the love of Jesus with them.

Nostos engages members of the Muslim diaspora in a variety of ways, seeking to minister to each individual as a wholistic person. We offer tutoring and language learning classes, play sports, lead Bible studies, help people become followers of Jesus, explain government documents, go house hunting, and more. Living in community and experiencing life with them provides daily opportunities to share the gospel and disciple these friends.


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Live Out Love

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Your prayer is vital. We see a tremendous blessing to our ministry when Muslim background believers join our team. Will you pray for the Lord to raise up more believers from a Muslim background to join our work?

You can also live out Jesus' love among Muslim people.


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Meet people in the neighbourhood or through social media and build a relationship with them. Go out for coffee or hang out with a family in a park. God will use you in a unique way to share the love of Jesus through words and deeds.

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Tutor refugee kids and help with their homework. Play sports with youth. Meet women to create handicrafts. Help them with language or house hunting. Use your gifts, talents and passions to impact their lives.

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Be embedded in a team of experienced people and learn more about how to share the gospel with Muslim people and how to disciple them.

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"Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you."