From the paths of vineyards to the paths of God

Growing up in a family with divorced parents, Michele (Brazil) did everything she could to make them proud and win their love. As a result, she worked hard and succeeded in her studies and career in business accounting, before deciding to return to her success in wine tourism, where she had previous industry experience.

But as she embarked on a government-funded book-writing project, which took both her and a friend to over 100 wineries across Brazil, little did Michele know that God, in an unexpected way, was leading her to Himself.

"Everything seemed very perfect,” shared Michele. “I was in control of my studies, my career… it was really wonderful."

But with life seemingly going to plan, Michele was content to leave God on the sideline.

All that changed when the book draft she had submitted for the wine tourism project came back with negative feedback from the editors. Realising that she could not change anything on her own, Michele turned to God.

"I was driving to my dad's house on Father's Day, and I just prayed: 'God, I don't want to do things by myself anymore. I’d like to give my life to you. Do whatever you want with my life. I'll follow you.’”

Looking back, Michele acknowledges that from that day on, many things began to change, including her habits, friendships, conversations and feelings.

Later, Michele moved to New Zealand to fulfil her dream of living in another country and to improve her English. There she met and made a friend in Susanna, who had served on the ships as the photographer for many years. She encouraged Michele to consider joining too and see her faith grow.

Today, having been accepted for Logos Hope’s Short-Term Exposure Programme (STEP) in January 2024, Michele is serving in the generosity department – an unexpected placement for someone only on board for a few months. But here she has found her place on board in using her gifts and professional experience to serve as she has been given the opportunity.

"When I look back on my career and all that has happened, it's just wonderful to see how God has guided me here," she shares.

And even before Michele arrived on board, God began to use her to reach others in unexpected ways – through conversation with a flight attendant on the very plane that brought her to the ship – an aircraft she had previously not been planning to take until her visa got delayed. 

Praise God for His timing and ways! 

God is at work answering prayers in the unforeseen and in unexpected ways. 
Your financial gift to support the Ship Ministry this Easter can help more people like Michele to grow in their faith and gifting, as they step out to serve on board and discover more about God and His plan for them. Thank you for your support!