La formation en Irelande une semaine

The EXPLORE programme is ideal for anyone wondering about their future as a missionary. But, more than that, it’s also the opportunity to set aside 3 months for deepening your knowledge of God through studying his Word, while at the same time learning different ways of sharing the Good News in France and Europe.


Participants in the programme (never more than 4 at a time) are accompanied and cared for by a mentor. They are housed in the Paris region in a single or double room and take care of their own meals (with an allowance given to them for this for the duration of their stay), but are often invited over by OM team members or supporters. 

The theoretical side of the training lasts about 40 days, with the remainder of the time spent on the field. For example, here are testimonies by our last two participants, Maya and Danielle, who both came from Australia but didn’t know each other beforehand.

This is what they say:

MAYA: "Each day was very different during those 90 days. We spent time praying, studying the Bible and learning about subjects like evangelism, Muslim religion and culture, Catholicism in France, Bible reading, and lots more."


DANIELLE:" For practical experience, we went to Ireland, to a place where the OM team uses a bus as a welcome centre. Anyone interested can come in for a hot drink and talk about faith. We also went to Paris to distribute flyers and talk about Jesus with passers-by. We went to Switzerland to meet Christians who have a desire to send out missionaries all over the world."


MAYA: "As well as that, we spent a few days in Lens, in the north of France, where a local church had opened a Christian café for sharing the Good News about Jesus. Then we went to the Vendée region to work with a house church of about 35 members. We were encouraged to see how God was working in that region. What really surprised me about coming to France was to discover that most French people do not know the Good News about Jesus. Before coming, I didn’t think Europe was in need of missionaries, but now I know otherwise. I learned how important it is to pray for this part of the world."


As you can see, the EXPLORE programme has more than one advantage…

  • It allows you to deepen your knowledge of God’s Word;
  • It provides you with a mentor to help you grow;
  • The teaching sessions are varied and practical;
  • It helps you discover different ways of sharing the Good News;
  • It immerses you in a different culture (for participants from abroad).


And the icing on the cake is that it’s for a short period only, making it more accessible. If you’re wondering about your future, hesitate no longer! This training programme is for you.

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