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Olympic mission for OM

During my travels in France, I am always encouraged and impressed by the number of people who recount their past experiences with OM in the 80s and 90s, telling of the campaigns which left (usually) happy memories, despite the hardships – thousands of people gathered for a teaching and training conference, before being recruited to go to a country in Europe for one, two, three or more weeks “On Mission”. And France benefitted hugely from this! What a blessing for our country to have so many young and not-so-young people ready to step up and commit to serving the Lord, ready to speak out for Him. What’s more, many “OMers” from this era remain very active in their church, and have even taken on leadership responsibilities!

Why wouldn’t we dream about reproducing this model? And I am often asked why Love Europe stopped. If only we could go back in time…

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have had your own OM experience. You understand the joy and the excitement of serving God alongside others like you, passionate about sharing our hope in Jesus. You have got that OM DNA! And we need you, if we want to revive this missional passion.


This summer, OM France is offering two opportunities to serve in the Olympic year of 2024:
  • Summer outreaches, including two in the greater Paris area around the Olympic Games. In collaboration with local churches, we will take to the streets and neighbourhoods to announce the message of the Bible to the French and to the tourists – many of whom will come from least-reached countries.
  • The “Tous Témoins” day (formerly National Outreach day) on Saturday 8 June, when we encourage small groups all across France to join a national movement and experience a great day which will make memories and life-long missional habits.


But on our own we will never manage to reproduce the enthusiasm of the past. And so I would like to invite you to help, you who have witnessed the powerful way in which God works in peoples’ lives.  

Firstly, in praying with us. We must admit our total dependence on the all-powerful God of the universe, the one who calls us to serve Him. Let’s ask Him for spiritual revival in our country, that every Christian might recognise his or her part in serving God in this world.

Secondly, think about how you can be part of what God wants to do through OM this summer. Why not get together a small group to follow the “Tous Témoins” programme on the 8 June, to be trained and then put it into practice on the ground? And open up this opportunity for young people in the church to experience it? It would only take 100 readers like you gathering 9 others to reach a total mobilisation of 1000 French believers! 

Alternatively, you could sign up for an outreach week this summer! Or, if you’ve reached the phase of passing the baton, you could encourage (and even sponsor?) someone else to experience the adventure of a week with OM.


Let’s praise God for what He has done in the past, and for the privilege of being part of that. And let’s wait expectantly for what He will do through us in the 21st century!

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