TeenStreet 2023

TeenStreet 2023

TeenStreet Europe 2023


This annual meeting, held this summer in Offenburg, Germany, brought together around 3000 people from 26 different nationalities, including 284 people from France, to praise God and listen to what he wanted to tell us. This year's theme was "Visible".

In the Old Testament, we find Daniel and his friends struggling to remain faithful to God in the chaos of a foreign land. They made their mark on their new surroundings without compromising their identity and whilst remaining attached to the values of their Heavenly Father.

Years later, Jesus sat on the mountain and taught the crowds to live as inhabitants of the kingdom of God, according to the values of our Heavenly Father. Jesus showed us how to keep our eyes fixed on a Heavenly Father who sees us.

During the week, God spoke to both teenagers and volunteers. Here are two of their testimonies.


Testimonial from a volunteer:

I've been coming to TeenStreet for three years now, but I can assure you that every year I'm moved by the idea of seeing so many people together in one place, driven by a common goal. We don't always realise it, but it's a blessing beyond price. My involvement in the event security team has enabled me to meet people who are truly dedicated and passionate about their work, who make sure that the event runs smoothly, even when they personally are very tired, so that both teenagers and adults are safe. I was certainly aware of all the preparation, but I also really saw God's greatness. I'm convinced that during this week, God is changing hearts. Let's pray that our faith will grow and that we can constantly be living witnesses to God's love and goodness.


Testimonial from a coach: 

On the way to take a shower, I overheard a 13-year-old French youth talking to another young person about God. He was talking about how important it was to tell the good news to those around us, and he described the activities with his church.

I was impacted by seeing a teenager who has the desire to testify, whereas I haven't yet done so because I haven't had the courage.


Another testimony:

One girl reported that although her parents are Christians, she had not yet understood that she had to decide for herself to follow Jesus. During TeenStreet, she accepted Jesus as her Saviour and Lord.


Sophie ROUIN, TeenStreet France Coordinator

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