We as OM Angola long to see God transform the minds and lives of the Angolan people despite political instability in a country ravaged by decades of war.

We as OM Angola long to see God transform the minds and lives of the Angolan people despite political instability in a country ravaged by decades of war.

Due to over 25 years of civil war, Angola is desperate for education for her children, a stable economy so business can thrive and political reform. Most of the population of Angola professes Christianity but the church is largely permeated with false beliefs, ignorance of the Bible, and animistic practices.

We began working in the capital city of Luanda in February 2002, and in 2005 God opened doors for us to start a second base in Merongue in the southern part of Angola. Through Sunday school teaching and discipleship training, we are excited to see many Angolans being equipped to teach and disciple others. Take a look at our various ministries below and think about how you can be involved in the mission of OM Angola.

Our Ministries in Angola


A large amount of our ministry stems from a "Discipleship Training" programme in which a group of young adults from local Angolan churches are led through an intensive 1-year program, filled with a plethora of opportunities to learn, serve, and grow. Beginning in 2013 with just one student, the programme extended to about 15 students for the year of 2015. By each year-end, the hope is for leaders of Angola to rise up and follow God wherever He calls, spreading the name and fame of Jesus to and through Angola.


From prison ministry, hospital visitations, to short-term outreach trips serving the Bushmen, we make a point to serve those in need around our communities and beyond.

Biblical Learning

In Luanda, we are running 2 Bible Schools, and 3 have also begun in Menongue since 2014. With our Theological studies programmes, we collaborate with Hebron Theological School of RSA. Veritas: How to Interpret the Bible, World Perspectives, and a 3-year Theology Diploma course are all ways in which we open opportunities to Angolans who want to learn more about the Word of God, as well as what the Word says concerning practical application.

Youth Accountability Groups

Three of the major things that young Angolans fall prey to are alcohol, premarital sex, and marijuana. Sadly, many youngsters were introduced to marijuana during the time of war to let them feel strong, not tired or hungry. Many Young Angolan soldiers said that marijuana was used in some camps and that they also ate bullet powder to be strong. So daily throughout the week, we go into the community and open the Word of God with the youth, sharing ways that God can help combat their struggles.

Children Activities

Through the children's centre, clubs are arranged in order to rally the kids and share God's love with them. Camp is also another way in which our Discipleship Programme is able to invest into the younger generation.

Skills Training

Due to a vast lack of parental involvement, most Angolans grow up without particular skills and useful knowledge which help carry them through life. Thus we have taken initiative in teaching an assortment of things to those being discipled. These things include: agriculture, arts, sewing, financing God's way, HIV/AIDS awareness, mechanics, health and exercise, computer skills, solar energy, sketchboard training, English classes, and much more.