Relief and relationships

Relief and relationships


In response to the current crisis, OM has launched a relief project that is currently being implemented in the Near East Field, helping thousands of people from Christian, Yazidi and Muslim backgrounds, with basic food aid, hygiene kits, along with mattresses and blankets to help with immediate needs. 

Video: Syrian and Iraqi Relief Update

Video: Baking bread for 25,000 in Iraq

Video: Children in Need, Iraq 

How you can help


Pray for the many families who have been forced to leave their homes and are seeking shelter in temporary accommodations, many of which are unsuitable for approaching winter conditions. Pray for comfort for those living in a climate of fear and uncertainty.  Pray that OM workers would be able to establish effective relief systems and find open doors to spread the hope of Jesus amongst people who are suffering emotionally and physically.


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More information about Iraq

  • Population: 32.6 million 
  • Languages: Arabic, Kurdish
  • Religious Make-Up: Muslim 99%
  • State of Economy: The oil sector dominates Iraq’s state-run economy. The country struggles with high unemployment rates and faces rampant corruption and outdated business structures. As of 2014, conflicts caused by Islamist extremist groups have uprooted over 1.2 million Iraqis, forcing them to flee from their homes and constituting a humanitarian crisis. Violence and instability are rampant, especially in North Iraq.
  • State of the church: In 2014, Islamist extremist groups forced Christians to leave their homes in specific regions. Believers in Iraq face not only persecution but also incredible pressure to provide for the physical needs of thousands of displaced peoples.

*Stats from The World Factbook (