Norway has amazing opportunities for evangelism. The nature is breathtaking and the hearts of Norwegians are wide open. This is the time to reach out to the lost and to ignite the Church for missions across the globe.

Ministry opportunities in Norway

Norway is a long, mountainous and narrow country with a small population of 5 million people located in Scandinavia. For the last 60 years our country has developed from one of the poorest countries in Europe into a strong and wealthy industrial state with high earnings from oil, mining, fishing, forest products and high-tech industries.

OM has a long history of involvement with the church in Norway since it was registered in 1982. OM Norway has mainly been a sending field and has been mobilizing people to pray, give and go. For more than 30 years, hundreds of Norwegians have served all around the world on long term and on short term teams.

In partnership with churches we mobilize, equip and train people for world evangelism. We send Norwegians to serve overseas in many parts of the world, raise funds for other ministries and motivate people to be involved in prayer.  

The last few years we have seen a growing need of developing a ministry in Norway as we see the need for a renewal of the church and an increasing number of non-believers. In partnership with the church OM Norway mobilizes for mission locally as well as globally.

We arrange outreaches and provide practical mission-training for the local churches to equip and train them to reach out locally.

OM Norway is a dynamic international team of eight people: four full time workers and six part time workers. We would like to see more people joining our team to be able to develop our ministries.

Our vision is:

  • Partnering with the church to mobilize, equip and train people for world evangelism.

Our mission is:

  • Mobilize the church for mission locally and globally.
  • Equip and train the church for mission.

OM Norway believes that the local church is God’s primary instrument to evangelize the world. Bible believing churches and OM share the conviction that God has commissioned all of us to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of all nations. The church and OM can help fulfill 'The Great Commission' as we work together in God’s plan for the world, both locally and globally.

OM Norway desires to serve the churches and their leaders to be mission focused. Hundreds of churches around the globe have commissioned and sent members as their ambassadors in ministry as part of OM teams. Serving and partnering with the local churches is an integral part of our mission.

How you can get involved:

  • PRAY
    • Pray for the Norwegian Church to not be passive and introvert and to stay relevant despite all the changes in society
    • Pray for the number of long term missionaries from Norway to go up again
  • GIVE — Give here ( to help support the work of OM in Norway.
  • GO — Do you have a passion to share the gospel, equip and train people locally and stirring up people for world missions? This is the time to reach out to the lost and to ignite the Church for missions across the globe. There are opportunities to work with OM Norway, especially in the area of recruiting, short term outreach, youth work, as well as in the home office. Contact us at or see the job opportunities listed at

More information about Norway

Traditionally, Norway has been a Christian country with a powerful spiritual heritage. The influence of the church is still strong. About 75 percent of Norwegians are church members, but most of them can no longer be called believers. Less than 10 percent of young people are committed Christians and only 4 percent attend church regularly. The church has little meaning for people, and the society is described as highly secularized. Most churches struggle to retain members, and the numbers are declining. There are however a number of denominations and churches that are growing. Mostly among the evangelical, the charismatic and the pentecostal churches. There is a focus on discipleship training and reaching the increasing number of non-Christians in Norway. There is also a growing prayer movement in some parts of the country.

Norway has a strong tradition of sending and supporting mission work around the world. The number of long term missionaries from the country has declined rapidly the last decades, but Norway is still among the top sending fields in the world of workers and finances per capita.

There is a great need for a renewal and a revival of the church in Norway, and for the church to become more mission focused. For many years, the church has been very passive and introvert. The influence of secularism, post-modernism, individualism, materialism, and other religions have also affected the church. And the church is struggling to adapt to the changes and to stay relevant.

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