Our vision in Tanzania is to build relationships with the people, to plant churches, and train local evangelists to carry on with this vision.

Our vision in Tanzania is to build relationships with the people, to plant churches, and train local evangelists to carry on with this vision.

We joined ProChristo Global Missions in Tanzania in 2004, and in 2009 we merged and became one organization operating as OM. Our work in Tanzania happens in the Usangu Basin in the southern part of the country where we reach out to the Sukuma and Sangu people.

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and is famous for its abundant wildlife and tourist destinations, such as the Serengeti Cross Border Wildlife Park. It is bordered by Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, and the DRC. The population numbers about 38 million people, of which about 38% are followers of Islam.

Our Ministries in Tanzania

Childrens' Reception Class

With 60 preschool-4-6 aged children

Radio Station

On every Saturday of each month, we spend 30 minutes on the public radio sharing the Word and encouraging the people who can hear in the 75-kilometer radius. This has been an incredibly unique ministry, allowing opportunities to meet, pray, and disciple strangers in our community who soon become friends.

University/College Ministry

On Wednesdays, our team goes to share the Word of God at a local teacher’s college in which for an hour each week, we are able to expose Christ to these students and teachers.

Hospital Ministry

Each month, we visit the local hospital and pray with the sick, as well as spend time doing devotion with the doctors and nurses.

Womens' Ministry

Tabitha has partnered with us in efforts to create a plan to reach out to the girls under bondage of prostitution. Please join us in praying for the beginning efforts of this ministry.

Skills Training

In correlation with the Women’s Ministry, we have 2 sewing machines being used to teach the women a different vocation for financial provision. We are currently praying to expand, adding to our numbers as well as equipment.

Pastoral Training

Out in the regions of Lake Victoria, 7 churches have been planted, and with this, our team has come alongside these establishments to help the pastors grow and lead their congregations. Our ultimate goal is to instill missions into the heart of the church.

University Ministry (DAR ES SALAAM)

Being in such a large urban area, our heart is for the students attending University, especially as the make crucial life decisions. We want to come alongside them in this journey, and engross them in Spiritual truths by developing relations with them through social engagements, Bible studies, discipleship, outreaches, etc.

Our Stories

A young girl walks along the beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania
“I pray: ‘Give me the strategy, give me the way, the window to talk with Muslims. For me, my name is a bridge: it sounds Muslim, and they welcome me in their house,” explains OMer Samar.