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People Care Courses Level 1-3: Equipping Workers, Leaders and People Care Providers – Online, Worldwide!

When Christian workers receive and give good quality people care, they remain healthy, resilient, empowered and fruitful in their personal lives, working relationships and in sharing the love of Jesus.

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People Care Course
Level 1

This 10-week online course is designed to be an introduction to basic people care skills. It prepares the participant to care for and support community members, team members, colleagues and friends facing the regular ups and downs of life prevalent in cross-cultural living and service. Session topics include:

  • Overview of People Care
  • Qualities of a People Care provider
  • Listening and Empathy Training
  • Personal Debriefing Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Intercultural People Care
  • Transition and Change
  • Margins and Boundaries

People Care Course
Level 2

This 10-week online course builds on Level 1 topics as well as adding more complex topics that PC providers encounter in their ministries such as:

  • The Ethical Foundations of People Care
  • Advanced Listening Skills
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Supporting Teams, Families, Couples, and Singles
  • Supporting Trauma Survivors
  • Supporting Good Emotional and Mental Health on the field — including recognizing disorders and addictions
  • Advanced Debriefing Skills

People Care Course
Level 3

This 10-week online course builds on Level 1 and 2 topics as it teaches advanced debriefing and trauma care. The course provides training in applying the debriefing model to different audiences and contexts:

  • Critical Incident Debriefing (CID)
  • Group Debriefing
  • Debriefing Families and Children

Course participants will also:

- Discover the differences between and interconnectedness of crisis & trauma.
- Learn how to recognize normal reactions to trauma and consider resources of care & support.
- Apply their learning through multiple practise sessions of the 3 debriefing types

These courses are offered in a 1-day per week format. Extra time is needed during the week for additional reading and completion of tasks (± 2-hours per week).

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Level 2

Level 1Level 3Level 1Level 2Level 1
Registration opens15 January1 July15 January1 July15 January1 July
Pre-course meeting19 March3 September18 March2 September17 March1 September
Tuesdays26 March to 28 May10 Sep to 12 Nov25 March to 26 May9 Sep to 11 Nov24 March to 26 May

5 Sep to 10 Nov

Fee for non-OM participants: US$125 per course


Coaching is a one-on-one intentional relationship designed to promote personal growth and skill development. For the ongoing development of the participant’s people care skills, the PCC offers six monthly coaching sessions following the course. Coaching is provided by PCC staff to support the course graduate as they seek to implement the skills and knowledge they gained in the course in real life settings and ministry experiences.

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