INT Social Media Manager


Partnership Type

Part Time

Commitment Length

1-2 years



Partnership Overview

The position includes developing and implementing a social media marketing strategy, developing new and fresh on-brand content that encourages audience engagement and expansion, managing regular posts and responding to followers. The social media manager works to ensure that OM's social broadcasting communicates a streamlined message that coincides with our international branding.

Required Skills

This is a part-time role (10 hours/week) with daily responsibilities to monitor social media accounts for security and public comment management. On-boarding will include training in OM Style Guides, OM resource selection, global campaign implementation and cultural intelligence training. Experience in social media for a brand or organisation is preferred. A high level of written English grammar proficiency is necessary.

This position is partially subsidised but also requires raising personal support.

Accountable to the Associate Director, Global Campaigns and Digital Marketing

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