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Partnership Type

Full Time

Commitment Length

1-2 years



Partnership Overview

More and more people from a Muslim background—disillusioned by their religion, leaders and future prospects—are finding salvation in Jesus. God is at work and we are excited to be a part of it!

Do you have a heart for Muslim people, whether they are in their Middle Eastern home countries or live as immigrants in the European diaspora (with a special emphasis on Turkish speakers)?

Required Skills

Do you want to share God's love with those who don't know it yet and are among the least reached with the Gospel encourage believers from a Muslim background and support long-term workers who serve among them?

If you are flexible, mobile, you enjoy traveling and stepping out of your comfort zone, this opportunity might be for you! Our team spends between a few weeks to a few months in one place to come alongside existing ministries and then moves on to another place, always with a view to making a lasting impact. These places include mainly countries in Europe and the Middle East. This commitment would require the team member to frequently travel as needed and live in different countries.

Our practical involvement may include:

  • Building relationships with immigrants
  • Home visits with immigrants
  • Evangelistic outreaches
  • Bible study groups
  • Discipleship with interested immigrants
  • Children's ministry and youth work
  • Encouraging, consulting and training long-term local workers
  • Prayer ministry
  • Helping with integration and language learning
  • Practical help

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* The jobs listed on this website do not have a set salary. This means that the person who applies will need to raise their own support, which is money that they will use to live on. The amount of support money they need to raise will depend on things like where they are from, if they have a family, and what country they will be working in. There might be some jobs that pay salary, but these are rare and would need to be negotiated with the sending offices and the teams you'd like to serve with. If you have any questions about this, please contact your local home office. Always keep in mind that our ministry depends on generous giving from our partners around the globe and God's ongoing provision. Joining OM is always seen as a step of faith and trust in a God who will provide for our needs through his chosen people.