Communicating God’s love through the arts

Inspiro Arts Alliance

The arts help express so much, and transmit the message of God's love effectively in many ways, as OM's Inspiro Arts Alliance demonstrates around the world.

The arts engage so much more than people's intellect. Musicians, painters, dancers, those in theatre, and many other artists touch people's hearts, minds, imaginations and senses to discover and experience God's love.

“Artists often use metaphors to express and look at things from different perspectives. Their artwork helps people see a deeper reality. This can encourage internal dialogue as well as a chat with the creators. We have had many chances to share the gospel and our own personal testimonies in this way,” explains an OM team leader.

Rachel (U.K) believes music is a gift from God. “I noticed how God touches other people through music,” she says, after performing music and dance in a local park when coronavirus restrictions eased. "I have a heart for the arts, and I believe music is a non-threatening way to give people glimpses of God’s beauty and love!”

In Taiwan, Sherrie (U.S.A) used 3-D abstract objects and Amy (Hong Kong) painted postcards as part of a group of international artists who created artwork to reflect the characteristics of the Hakka people as well as Godly values. The resulting art exhibition at the Tong Luo train station was well visited by the public in the small town, enabling local believers in Jesus to share their faith, too.



There is a critical need for $3500 to give 30 Inspiro staff in eight countries workspace from which to support ministry leaders in 20 countries, and a growing online global community of artists.

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