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A global movement

For over 60 years, OM has been working around the world to motivate and equip Christians to share God's love.


In 1957, George Verwer and two friends took a mission trip to Mexico. What began with three men who deeply desired to share God’s love with those around the world who did not know it multiplied into a global movement of believers with the same passion.

Today, over 4,900 people from 118 nationalities serve with OM in more than 120 countries. We are a mix of traditional workers, marketplace professionals, artists, pastors, teachers and more.

God has used us to take the gospel around the globe, and we won’t stop now. There are an estimated 3 billion people who still do not know God’s love, so we will continue to motivate Jesus followers to go to places with few or no churches. As George Verwer himself said: “We will press forward until every creature has heard the gospel…the world is our goal!”

OM Overview

Our mission

OM is committed to seeing a vibrant community of Jesus followers within reach of every person in the world.

Live out HIS love

42% of the world’s 8 billion have never heard the gospel or experienced christ’s love through the life of a believer. This number increases by around 60,000 each day.

We want to see God's love shared in places where:


Marked out cross

No one is sharing the life and teachings of Jesus

…like in Afghanistan, where the average person will hear the gospel once every 30.5 years.

marked out community

No local community of Jesus followers has formed

…like in Japan, where there are over 1,700 towns and villages without an evangelical church. 

marked out book

Culture, language and other barriers separate people from local Jesus followers

…like amongst the 1 million Syrian refugees in Europe. 

Man sitting and looking
“We are on a mission to bring the gospel to the farthest corners of the world, fulfilling the Great Commission in this generation. There is no place too far, no task too difficult, and no human we won’t try to reach.”

Lawrence Tong
International Director

Key Focus Regions

Reaching out to all people

Today, more than 3 billion people in the world have never heard Jesus’ message of hope.

OM is currently focusing on five regions of the world where the majority of the population haven’t had the chance to hear the gospel or meet a follower of Jesus.

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

Matthew 28:19 (NIVUK)

Young woman with villagers in Malawi

Our Beliefs

guiding VALUES

We are imitating Jesus and participating in holistic, Kingdom transformation of all life and creation, by cultivating a Biblical community, as we strategically innovate in our ministries and remain in mutual commitment to the cause of Christ and care for people.

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Literature is distributed from a van in 1960 Spain

Our History

A legacy of love

We trace our roots to the prayers of an American housewife. In the 1950s, Dorothea Clapp began to pray faithfully for the students in her local High School. She asked God to touch the world through the lives of those young people. And God answered her prayers!

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Portrait of three international leaders of OM

Our Leadership

An inspiring example

Successfully stewarding a multi-national organization with an extraordinary vision requires leaders committed to excellence, innovation and servant leadership. OM is blessed with a dedicated team of executives and board members who exhibit these qualities.

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