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Share the love of God in South Africa: the rainbow nation.

From colonisation to apartheid to eventual liberation, South Africa’s history is a complicated one. Though much of this history has led to social and political strife that is still present today, it has also made the country one of the most uniquely diverse in the world.

The country has four distinct people groups that branch off into subgroups, each with their own culture and unique identity. There are over 10 official languages, English and Afrikaans being most predominant with Zulu, Xhosa and Ndebele not far behind. Christianity is common throughout South Africa’s many cultures, but there is still much work to be done.

Sharing the love of God in South Africa

The OM training base, located just outside the capital of Pretoria, provides participants from around the world with training in community development, cultural intelligence, business, agriculture, church planting, biblical justice and more. This training is meant to not only equip believers to take the gospel throughout Africa and the world but also to provide South Africans with sustainable skills and knowledge so they may become financially self-sufficient.

From a community of Somalian refugees to an unreached village without an active church, OM seeks to establish deep and authentic relationships within South Africa. Whether this means knocking on doors or going to locally-owned restaurants, the goal is to be present in the community so discipleship can take place.

Jesus followers in South Africa

Praise God for the progress that has been made in South Africa. Out of the population of over 60 million, 77 per cent are Christians. Though the percentage of practising evangelicals is closer to 21 per cent, through OM and other organisations, believers are stepping forward and looking for ways to join God’s global mission. A common hindrance to spiritual growth is spiritual syncretism. Many South African Christians have not left behind the practices and beliefs of traditional African religions, such as witchcraft. Poverty is also prevalent around the country, meaning that many churches aren’t able to grow or financially sustain themselves.

With a wide variety of needs — and ministries to address those needs — there is certainly a place for your specific talents and knowledge in South Africa. Consider long-term work in South Africa, a country of beautiful diversity and passionate believers. Financial support and prayer are always appreciated as well. Please pray for the training base, as it is currently being renovated. Pray for the finances needed for the renovation, including the cost of solar panels that are being added to alleviate rising electricity costs. Pray for those throughout South Africa who have not yet been reached with the good news of Christ. Pray that doors would be opened for ministry among these communities so that the gospel may be shared.

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