Easter card written by OM partners and designed by MediaWorks specifically for ladies caught in prostitution. The card is available in five languages: Chinese, English, German, Hungarian and Romanian. 

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Outreach teams are bringing the Easter message of hope to women in red-light districts.

This Easter, OM workers and a partner organisation in Europe are giving little gifts to around 250 women in brothels and on the street. They offer a card written and designed specifically for ladies caught in prostitution.
The card shares Jesus’ words of peace, which outreach teams especially wish to communicate at this time. “After the pandemic and with the current world challenges, people are insecure, wondering, ‘what’s coming next?’,” described OM worker Sarah*. Recent violence in a red-light area has caused additional fear. Sarah sees the card’s message of comfort and hope as very timely.

The small teams leave behind their contact details for women who want to request support. “A lot of ladies are coming out or wanting out,” said Sarah. While outreach workers provide individuals with counselling and vital help to rebuild their lives, they experience that ultimate help and healing comes from God.

“Pray that ladies would call on the name of the Lord,” Sarah said. “He has promised He will hear and answer prayer.” The Easter card declares Jesus’ resurrection, pointing to the Saviour who alone can give true freedom and new life.

Sarah would like to thank supporters for their financial contribution, which enables this ministry to buy presents and print media for vulnerable individuals. Please join Sarah in praying for the Easter outreaches.

*name changed

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