Jamie Bell (left), Gareth Rouch (centre) and Chris Harris (right) are part of the team that maintain and develop OM's intranet system, a vital behind-the-scenes part of ministries around the world. Photo by Ruth W.
Jamie’s IT degree and industry experience provided him with exactly the right skillset to step into OM’s international IT department at a critical moment, keeping the organisation’s intranet system afloat and developing it for greater ministry impact across the world.
LightNet team
MediaWorks is building a digital tool called LightNet that will enable ministries and churches to create webapps quickly. With the new digital tool, they seek to simplify the process, costs, time and resources involved in creating webapps. The webapps will serve as platforms to share curated Christian media that engages with specific people groups.
In 2008, OM Ireland purchased Lacken House to be their headquarters. Ten years and hundreds of people later, the team continues to minister from the heart of Ireland.